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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

PDN, is a compressed representation of the application's internal object format, which preserves layering and other information.[4] Excluding the installer, text, and graphics, was released under a modified version of the MIT License.[5] It was initially released as completely open source, but due to breaches of license, all resource files (such as interface text and icons) were released under a Creative Commons license forbidding modification, and the installer was made closed-source.[6]
Version 3.36 was initially released as partial open source, but the sources were later removed by Brewster, citing problems with plagiarism. In version 3.5, the license was altered to reflect this, and users are now prohibited from modifying the software. As free licenses cannot be revoked, developers can still legally develop forks based on version 3.36 and earlier.[7][8] Download LinkDownload 

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